How to Block Unwanted Calls in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Go to the “Get Started” page on the website and complete the information required to open a new account.
  2. When your Grandstream Cordless Phone(s) arrive at your house just unpack and plug the Granstream Base Station into your High Speed Internet Router and plug the Grandstream Cordless Phone in the nearest A/C outlet for charging.
  3. The Base Station will automatically locate the Pin2Talk telecom switch and log itself in so it will be ready to use – plug and play easy. Now you are ready to make Unlimited Domestic Calls and share your phone number and PIN with only those folks that are allowed to call. Easy programming into a mobile phone by adding an apostrophe after your phone number followed by the four digit pin – the apostrophe will pause the dialing long enough for the prompt to ask for the PIN- that is it – you are all set and protected! Example – 211-900-5284, 7552

If you are afraid you are going to miss an important call you can log into your account and disable the PIN requirement. You can also offer all callers to dial your PIN or the last four digits of your phone number so you don’t miss anything important. We wish to offer our customers maximum flexibility while protecting you from annoying and even criminal calls.

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